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January 2017

Looking for a vacancy on the KZN South Coast? Visit our Facebook page for regular updates!

Looking for holiday accommodation on the coast?
You can simply visit my facebook group
where you can chat to actual owners of the holiday flats


We also have a group where both agents and owners either rent or sell permanent housing between Port Edward and Amanzimtoti
Hibiscus Coast House and Property Hunters

Looking for some of God's family to worship with?
Visit us at the Shelly Beach Full Gospel Church

Looking for a reliable building contractor that won't rip you off and that will complete the work to your satisfaction?
Chat to Gary Barker of Steppe Construction CC on 082 494 1559

To earn an income and work

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Margate, KZN South Coast, a paradise on earth, a place to kick of your shoes and sink your toes into the sand.
Feel the soothing calm settle on you shoulders as you relax on one of the many beaches in the area.
From rocky areas interspersed with tidal pools for that natural fresh swim to the open sands of Margate beach
to the waterfalls of Uvongo right at the beach, we are blessed with the abundance that God has provided to
South Africa. The little problems and few worries melt away with the stress when you visit Margate!

Just peace and quiet.

Room to move and breathe and, when you have to eat, we have endless hotels, restaurants, take aways, pubs, etc.
Kerrioke, the Sun International Wild Coast Casino, movies, discos, video shops, art galleries, croc farm,
boating, fishing, diving with the sharks are there to entertain you when you are tired of the quiet.

Find accommodation to stay at the Coast by visiting our 'places to stay' link for either
temporary stays at hotels or bed 'n breakfasts or permanent accommodation.

We have estate agents, building contractors, architects, engineers in our 'associated links' page.
We even have our own personal life improvement sections.
Our Internet dating, a Debt Free Plan, our inspirational poems.
There are the free Terragen accessories, surface maps, atmosphere settings and world files.

If you are selling something like property on the Natal South Coast or just want people to know about it,
visit the associated links section or the places to stay.

If you would like to have a prime advert placed on one of our webpages visit the 'advertising on this site' link.
We can organise you a full page coverage including digital photographs of your interest,
whether it be South African Art or a hotel, b&b or cottages or a business wanting to get noticed.

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August 2012

One of the daily emails I've received from this wonderful business

"Resolve conflicts only face to face, not over the phone or via e-mail, if at all possible.

There is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting. Over the telephone one cannot see a person's body language.
And one needs to see the person's body language. A smile can be very comforting and disarming.
One's face can say so much. It can show understanding, empathy and love. Also sadness, remorse and sorrow.
These need to be seen by the other person.

Conflict is emotional. When dealing with emotions we need to be present.
Emotions cannot be accurately conveyed via the telephone or email. Because of logistics, this does not apply to resolving conflict with clients.
If one cannot see the client personally because of logistics, it is always better to resolve conflict over the phone instead of email or letter.
Emotions expressed in emails or letters tend to be more abrupt and can be misinterpreted very easily."

May 2012

If I could show you a business that can teach you to market, grow and inspire people who need to earn a living would you be interested in learning more about it?

It is based on one of Robert Kiyosaki's principals as shown in his book,
"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and is a legal Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) registered business.

Visit workingfromhomersa.weebly.com for more info online or if you are interested in more information,
send me an email and I'll auto-reply.
(Don't send any other info/questions to this email address as I do not monitor it personally)

January 2012

Happy new year to each and every visitor!!

This month I bring a well known business on the Hibiscus South Coast of Kzn to your attention!


They are a leading supplier of quality Meranti Window Frames and Door Systems to the public and building industry including developments such as San Lameer, Ekubu Coastal Estate and others. They carry the widest range of of internal and external doors on the South Coast. No matter what your requirements are, Window & Door Warehouse supply custom made windows and doors to your exact specification. They also supply a range of security windows and doors which do away with the need to install unsightly burglar guards and gates.

Pay them a visit and don't forget to mention where you heard about them!!

July 2011

In the spirit of creating a closer, stronger presence on the internet,
all Hibiscus Coast businesses receive a free link to their website with Sewood.co.za and you can get an ad on our FaceBook page
Contact Sue on
webbie @ sewood.co.za
to get your link now!

June 2011

Steppe Construction CC in Southbroom, KZN South Coast, is celebrating their 30th Anniversary!
After the tragic loss of Tony Steppe in January 2011, Steppe Construction is putting their best foot forward and taking charge of the future.

If you have a dream home waiting to be built by an elite company, then contact Gary Barker at Steppe Construction now.

Steppe Construction
building for your future, together!

September 2010

Do you have inner peace or are you always looking for something to change your life because you are unhappy with what and who you are?

Let me share my testimony on how I found peace, happiness and acceptance of who I was

Click here now

August 2010

Sewood Free Classified Adverts!

You can now place your adverts for free with Sewood.

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June 2010

New to the enchanting town of Margate!
The Sewood Puzzle Page.
Solution page to be active from 28/06/2010

Find the first edition at the following shops

DVD Mania - Marine Drive (across the road from Margate Panelbeaters)
Ramsgate Stationers
- Hibiscus Mall

Puzzle Page edition 001 solutions

Or email for a pdf copy!

June 2010

Free eBooks offered to all of Sewood's visitors!
Many titles available like Baby's first year, Bipolar Disorder uncovered,
3 day Herbal Detox, marketing on the internet, etc

Grab them now while still available!


May 2010

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April 2010

October 2009
DvdMania has changed their name to DVD Web and have moved from the Hibiscus Mall in Margate to Marine Drive in Ramsgate/Margate opposite Margate Panelbeaters!

August 2009
Hi all, I need to share with you a new South African website called the Hopeful Homeless. They are a group of people who take a stand against cruelty to animals. Please support them and let's speak for those who cannot speak for themselves!
To quote their front page intro
This is not a place for warm, fuzzy feelings about animals. You should remove your rose-tinted glasses before entering (t)here, for you will find nothing but blatant honesty as we reveal shameful events and the resultant consequences to our furred friends. Read and learn, and think about your place in this world, and if you have an ounce of conscience, take a stand, and join the Hopeful Initiative. We could do with the help.

They also have a Facebook profile which you can receive up to date info regularly

Hopeful Homeless Facebook Group

You are not alone!

Take a step back
From your difficult life
Look at the good
And not at the strife
It may not actually
be as bad as you think
The ship on rough seas
might not actually sink.
There are those around
who will love and will care
If you're honest enough
with yourself to share
How can we help
if we know not the truth
of what's in your life
whether an aged or youth
So if you feel down
Or in need of a friend
Open yourself up
And we'll help you to mend
Life does not need
to be sadly cut short
So killing yourself
Shouldn't even be thought
A burden shared
is a burden halved
So give me that problem
We'll have it carved.
Copyright S.R. Hulley 2007

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Places to stay - Holiday and permanent accommodation

I need say little more! Accommodation in Margate, Port Shepstone and other surrounding areas.


Margate, Port Edward, Southbroom, Ramsgate, Uvongo,
Shelly Beach, Port Shepstone,
Accommodation on the South Coast
ezSearch business directory ;
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I hope this site assists you with all your requirements for accommodation, property for sale, pictures of Margate, Ramsgate and Port Shepstone. Please note that this website and it's accomodation links will be updated on a regular basis so keep checking back with us! If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to email me at
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